a little something different

This book is so clever! It follows two characters (Lea and Gabe) who ‘secretly’ really like each other – each chapter is written from a different characters perspective; including a bench and a squirrel. They think that no one else has noticed how much they like each other, but everybody has. It follows the story of how they get together. They eat the same Chinese food, like the same bands, hang out at the same coffee shop and all the characters notice how much they like each other and should be together – except them.
The clever bit is that this probably happens to lots of people – speaking as someone that has worked in a coffee shop and a bar, you get to do a lot of people watching. It’s a fun game to pass the time with your colleagues – pairing people off. The ladies that work in the coffee shop observe them every time they come in, the bench remembers them when they sit on him, the squirrel observes them when collecting his winter nuts! I think that you could write this novel about anyone, using a whole host of different characters. Either way, it’s a good twist on a romantic novel – a little something different!

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