billy and me

Billy and Me is on the Zoella recommended reading list at Smiths (thank you Katie for letting me know about this, I hope you’ve read your books over the summer?!) so I got this one and my daughter got The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and we swapped (review to follow)!

Billy and Me and its sequel Always With Love is about Sophie May, a girl who lives in a small village and works in the local tea shop. Apparently she has a big secret that has burdened her and made her a bit of a recluse, stopping her from going to university or going anywhere really. She reads a lot and one of her favourite books in Pride and Prejudice. She discovers that they are filming an adaptation of the book at the local ‘big’ house and is hoping that Mr Darcy will be played by Jude Law who she has a celeb crush on.

She is lamenting this fact to a cute bloke who has come in for a cuppa when some school girls realise that she is talking to the famous Hollywood actor Billy Buskin and that he must be the one who has got the lead role #awkward

He takes a liking to her and they start seeing each other. She helps him with his lines and he takes her on romantic picnics and life is good until, filming finishes and he needs to get back to London to continue with his swanky lifestyle.

Sophie quickly decides to go with him and moves in to his bachelor pad while he gets the lead role in a play. Sophie misses her mum and her old boss and friend Molly and begins to get jealous of the amount time Billy spends doing actor things.  She is pretty insecure and he doesn’t really help the situation. Anyway, things get a bit confused. Sophie May gives up her secret (which doesn’t turn out to be too shocking) and there’s a couple of twists and turns, most notably his horrible manager and the new lead role he gets in a blockbuster film with his gorgeous ex girlfriend.

If you like a good old romance then this is for you. Sophie annoyed me though, she was little too insecure and gave in too easily to keep Billy happy; I hope that women today are little bit more independent then that! The author really does give us a glimpse into what it must be like to be in a relationship with someone that is in the public eye, she is married to Tom Fletcher from Busted after all. Oh, and my daughter loved it and has also read Always with Love, which I now don’t need to read as she kept squealing and giving me spoilers all the way through it!

Also, be ready with tissues at the end, it is a real sobfest! it is also a secret fantasy of us all (go on admit it!) to be swept off our feet by a gorgeous Hollywood actor but it seems that it isn’t always as good as we think when reality kicks in.

Further reading: Always with Love and anything by Giovanna Fletcher and any other soppy romance!

Further watching: An Officer and a Gentleman and Dirty Dancing and probably Pretty Woman too. All the classics!

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